Duke Blue Devils Retire Jersey Number in Honor of Zion Williamson

DURHAM, NC – The Duke Blue Devils basketball program has paid a heartfelt tribute to former player Zion Williamson by retiring his jersey number. In a ceremony held at Cameron Indoor Stadium, Williamson’s Duke Blue Devils Basketball Jersey number 1 was raised to the rafters, joining the ranks of other iconic Blue Devils players.

Zion Williamson made an incredible impact during his time at Duke, capturing the hearts of fans with his remarkable athleticism and unmatched skillset. His electrifying performances and genuine love for the game earned him widespread recognition as one of the greatest college basketball players of all time.

The retirement ceremony was attended by numerous representatives from the Duke basketball community, including Coach Mike Krzyzewski, who praised Williamson’s contributions to the program. “Zion’s impact on Duke basketball extended beyond the court. His infectious energy and leadership qualities were truly exceptional,” said Coach Krzyzewski.

The decision to retire Zion Williamson’s jersey pays tribute to his remarkable accomplishments as well as the lasting legacy he has created at Duke. His jersey will forever serve as a symbol of his incredible talent and the profound impact he had on the program.

In his emotional speech, Williamson expressed his gratitude to his teammates, coaches, and the Duke community for their unwavering support. “Duke will always hold a special place in my heart. The memories and lessons I gained here will stay with me forever,” he said.

The retirement of Zion Williamson’s jersey is a testament to his exceptional talent and the indelible mark he left on the Duke Blue Devils basketball program. It represents the enduring impact of his contributions and cements his place among the program’s legends.