Colorado Buffaloes Football Introduces Alternate Jersey Design Inspired by State Flag

The Colorado Buffaloes football team is proud to introduce their new alternate jersey design, inspired by the state flag of Colorado. These jerseys pay tribute to the team’s home state and reflect the deep connection between the team and the community.

The alternate Colorado Buffaloes Football Jersey feature a vibrant and bold design, incorporating the blue, white, and red colors of the Colorado state flag. The team’s logo, a charging buffalo, is prominently displayed on the chest, surrounded by the state flag colors. The jerseys also incorporate subtle details that represent the diverse landscapes and natural beauty of Colorado.

The Colorado Buffaloes football program believes in celebrating the uniqueness and spirit of their home state. These alternate jerseys serve as a symbol of pride for both the team and the fans, fostering a sense of unity and shared love for Colorado.

Fans can show their support for the team by wearing these alternate jerseys, thereby representing the pride and passion they have for their state and their team. The Colorado Buffaloes football program is excited to see the stadium filled with a sea of blue, white, and red, as fans rally behind the team in these special jerseys.